The Safety Nest

From The Chance for unwanted initiative (now The Chance civic group) from 2004 Safety Nests exists in Slovakia – network of public incubators, where unwanted newborns (up to 6 weeks from birth) can by placed. Thanks to our donors we gradually built 16 Safety Nests around the Slovakia. The first Safety Nest appeared in 2004 and saved 30 unwanted babies till May 2011.

The woman, who unwillingly got pregnant, has been desperately hiding her pregnancy behind her surrounding and gave birth in secret has a problem. Suddenly she stands in front of the knowledge, that the baby will reveal her.  She denies a baby and doesn´t see a way-out from this situation in such a stressful time. In situation like this, she could resort to the worst – to kill a baby. If a woman knows, there is a chance to”hide” her shame, to stay undetected, non-punished and to keep a baby alive; she will rather choose this solution.” This was citation of co-founder of The Chance for unwanted initiation MUDr. Vladimír Cupaník, on press conference 1st of June in 2004.

Every woman, who had secret birth, is allowed to place her baby into the Safety Nest and avoid cruel crime. This possibility is free and safe – nobody will search for woman (if she doesn´t want it) and a baby get chance to live meaningfully in adoptive family.

Safety Nests were first steps in programme of saving unwanted children and became generally accepted way to save babies life. Till the end of May 2011, they saved 30 unwanted newborns. This success pushed us to act and provide dignified life for our babies. That´s why we successfully realized legislative changes that allow adoption of babies saved in the Safety Nest. Our ultimate goal is to provide children conditions that will ensure comeback to mother by project – The Armful of Save and others –it provides peaceful and decent life for mothers and their children.

Help us to give them a chance.